Martin Grassinger

Teacher and Analyst
Natural health practitioner

Emotional Generator 4/6
Incarnation Cross of Service

Incarnation cross of service

With Ra Uru Hu 1992

Personal point of view

It is my concern to do justice to the uniqueness of an individual person as comprehensively as possible and to honor the special attributes of his or her individuality. Only then is it possible to address each person exactly where he feels uniquely recognized and deeply understood in the essence of his being and in the particular issues of his own life. This includes both the particular functioning of his physical metabolism, as well as his soul dynamics, and his spiritual (for some people: religious) mindset with which he sees himself and his circumstances embedded in this world.

If on all these levels the essence of an individual person is clearly seen, directly addressed and appreciated, then all resistances are dissolved that incomprehension and ignorance have built up so far. Through contact with this unadulterated nature of the soul – one’s own inner innocence – a transformation can take place within the individual, allowing him to act in greater accord with himself.

There are many ways and methods to achieve this goal. The fact that my own life has equipped me intensively with several of them by numerous fates, in order to experience them successfully first on myself, and then to let other people benefit from them – if they wish – that is a great fulfillment. To be able to experience this again and again, I am deeply grateful to life.

As the middle of three children, I was born in Salzburg on December 29, 1955. At the age of ten I received a scholarship from the Protestant Church of Hesse and Nassau and was accepted into the boarding school of the Laubacher Kantorei in Hessen (successor choir to the Thomaner/Leipzig). There I received vocal training as well as music theory training and performed many concerts in Germany and abroad with choir and orchestra.

After graduating from a grammar school in Norden/East Frisia in 1975, I trained as a bookseller in Hamburg and worked briefly in various publishing houses (Rowohlt, Hueber), setting up the Colón foreign language bookshop.

However, my love of music and my creative urge soon led me to the theater, where I worked as a musician and composer for many productions. (Among others: ‘The Glass Menagerie’ as well as other plays by Tennessee Williams, ‘If You Had Spoken, Desdemona’ by Christine Brückner / Hamburg premiere / ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint Exúpery etc. as well as numerous musical cabaret productions / Brecht / Kästner / etc.).

Due to strong allergic hay fever since childhood, as well as chronic bronchial asthma, the ‘treatment’ of which already required stronger and stronger chemical medications in the course of my early years, my path led me in 1980 in search of a cure to a neurological physician and psychologist in Hamburg. She had long ago resigned from the closed department of psychiatry in Hamburg and turned to classical homeopathy.

When I came to her at that time, she had already been treating and curing her patients exclusively according to this method for many years – and so had I. Through this fascinating experience on my own body, that beyond chemistry, which burdens the body more and more, real healing is attainable, if the individual energetic causes for it are recognized and cleared, my interest in this possibility had become so strong that the old doctor offered to instruct me personally in it.

As a result, I had the good fortune to be personally trained by her for twelve years until her death in 1993. During this time she imparted to me all her learned and personally experienced knowledge. This included her clinical experiences as well as the individualistic aspects of Classical Homeopathy, which in its comprehensive holistic nature was also very strongly influenced by her studies in philosophy and anthropology.

I had to promise her right at the beginning to pass on everything afterwards. Since then, this has been done in my practice with patients, and in holistic trainings and seminars with students. During two years also lectures at universities ‘Introduction to Classical Homeopathy’ (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich), at the Academy for Veterinary Medicine, 12 years various special seminars and trainings at the Paracelsus School Hamburg and other institutions.

During my intensive homeopathic special training I also completed an extensive and very well-founded training as a non-medical practitioner (9 semesters) at a special school for naturopathy in Hamburg. Afterwards I had the great fortune to meet the founder of the Human Design System (Ra Uru Hu), and to be trained by him personally in it, even before this system went into the world.

As a result, I became the first healer in the world to use this system in daily practice and work with patients. On that day (April 9, 1993), when the old homeopathic doctor died, I received the official license as the first Human Design Analyst in the world.

Through the immediate practical application of the system in the therapeutic context, I was able to immediately review all the insights in detail, deepen them further, and use them absolutely precisely and effectively in the sense of each individual patient. In the process, larger contexts and more concrete details became apparent to me, which soon resulted in my own training for the health-related application of HDS, which I still teach worldwide, and train teachers in.

But my search to be able to give people not only a detailed understanding of themselves based on their individuality, but also to be able to help them in a natural way physically (health-wise) just as successfully, led me further and further. It is true, the Human Design System gives us the most precise information about the uniqueness of a person. However, it deliberately targets the mind, as it is necessary for each person to understand their individuality in all its details, in order to be able to orient and behave accordingly in life through this precise understanding of their uniqueness, while being healthily in harmony with themselves. However, in the course of my decades of therapeutic work with the HDS, I have repeatedly encountered people all over the world who know everything about themselves as a result, but this does not automatically produce the desired health in the body. There was always something missing that is able to (re)organize the natural basic order that is laid out inside in the sense of individuality starting from the cellular level.

So in 2009 I was lucky enough to meet a Spanish doctor who introduced me to this equivalent, which regulates the individuality of a human being in the way it was originally intended, based on an intelligent control molecule from Mother Nature. The special feature: Unlike all other substances – even natural ones – this basic building block of life is absolutely incapable of producing any side effect, being overdosed or even harming. No wonder, because it is there to (re)build, train, strengthen and protect the integrity of each person’s individuality in an optimal way.

Thus, today I am in the fortunate position to be able to correspond and help each person in the sense of his or her uniqueness – as we know it from the HDS – also on the physical level. In the meantime we have given general names to more than a thousand symptoms and diseases – and there are more and more. In contrast to this, each person has only one health: his own, and this must be corresponded to in its individuality, in order to be able to be really strong and resistant in a completely natural way.

Since every human being has always come to his special ‘being sick’ on his very own way, there is also for every human being his very own unique way through his maturing processes, back to his very personal ‘being healthy’. This is possible for every human being only on the basis of his own inner parameters, if this is to be natural and enduring. Only in harmony with his own nature can a person successfully go through his personal processes, recognize the meaning and grow to be again in resonance with his very own soul truth.

Thus, the bodygraph of the HDS is for me today the most precise map to help a person intellectually find his way back ‘home’ when he has lost his way in lifeor was getting lost in the wilderness. However, since the bodygrap is not the body itself, but only describes in detail its individual dispositions, today, in addition to this intellectual knowledge, the natural inner order can be restored and/or maintained by an intelligent control on the cellular level in the metabolism. Only then can the often existing disharmony of what is generally called the interaction of ‘body, mind and soul’ be in union with itself and be experienced accordingly in harmony.

See Being Healthy

  • Classical homeopathy (for 12 years)
    with the psychotherapist and neurologist M. Schütt / Hamburg

  • Alternative Naturopath (9 semesters of naturopathy in Hamburg)

  • NLP Practitioner with the psychotherapist and neurologist /Switzerland

  • Fascial Balancing
    (special further development of the CranioSacralTherapy /in Hamburg and Lübeck)

  • Chakra teaching
    with Sybille Weizenhöfer (Frankfurt)
    with Butto (cardiologist in Tel Aviv)

  • Human Design Analyst (1992)

  • HDS-Teacher (1994) for the first five years the only teacher for the complete training as a Human Design Analyst in the German speaking countries besides Jürgen Saupe (Munich)

  • Internationally licensed teaching analyst
    for further training in the medical and therapeutic application of the Human Design System since 1995 (so far in Germany / Holland / Austria / Switzerland / Spain / USA / Australia / Russia / Bulgaria / Estonia)
  • Licensed therapist (1988) and working in own practice in Hamburg.

  • Lecturer in Classical Homeopathy since 1991 for different institutions in Germany and abroad.

  • German Paracelsus School (Hamburg) since 1991 Focus: Specialized training in Classical Homeopathy
    (see trainings).

  • Universities (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich)
    Fundamentals of Classical Homeopathy.

  • Academy for Animal Naturopathy
    (Germany and Switzerland).

  • Institute for Naturopathy at the Ipf.

  • International Human Design School.
    Teacher for the complete training of the HDS analyst since 1992.
    Special seminars and trainings on ‘Health and Human Design System’ since 1995.

  • Institute ‘New Sun Services America’
    in Taos/New Mexico
    1998 and 1999.

  • Collaboration with RaveLifeSciences in Los Angeles (2000), who conducted statistical research on the percentage distribution of each genetic type in the HDS at the University of California.

    Joint research and seminars on:

    DreamRave / Mammalian Design /.
    HDS and genetic matrix and amino acids /
    Relationship to individual meridians in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Human Consulting Group (Peter Lawrence)
    Application of the HDS for companies and management.

Last but not least I would like to mention
my special training in ‘fatherhood’ (since 1981).

Therefore, at this point I would like to thank my long grown-up daughter Lisa (now a happy mother herself): In developing her own independence, she has taught me a lot. Especially that children always grow into their own future, not ours.

Since the Human Design System recognizes and names precisely what really suits each individual and what does not, experience has shown that it is a great and valuable help, especially for the development of children. If these insights are used at an early stage, then each child can be given his or her personal ‘education’ (growth aid) that fully corresponds to the essence of his or her individual being.

  • The Perfect Imperfection’
    (Article about the Human Design System in KGS 6/1994/ Hamburg)

  • ‘Man as melody in the symphony of the cosmos’.
    (Article on the Human Design System in KGS 11/1994 / Hamburg)

  • ‘The Solar Plexus System – Practical Experiences’.
    In: ‘Manifesting, Generating, Projecting, Mirroring and the
    emotional field’ Published by New Sun Services 1997

  • ‘Psychotherapeutic Foundations and the HDS’.
    Transcript of the course of the same name
    In: Biversity Yearbook 2001
    Published by Human Design Austria

  • Human Design System and Health (Part 1)
    The contents at a glance:

     A THE CIRCUITS and their energetic themes.

    The mechanics of: Being healthy – illness – healing – the physical body – patient and form of therapy / reorganization of the individual nature – interaction of therapist and patient / choice of the adequate therapist/therapy – laws of medication etc.

    B THE CENTERS of the body chart, its color code and the biological and psychological themes belonging to it: Energy formats and structure of elementary disease patterns / Biological functional processes of nutrition / Basic orientation of nutrition in the individual chart – etc.

Other publications

Recordings of webinars



Education and training for licensed HDS analysts
in my special topic ‘Human Design System and Health

  • Human Design System and Health (basic course) The Mechanics of Disease / Therapist / Therapy / Therapeutic Interaction / Medication / Health / Healing /

  • Human Design System and the immune system (individual resilience / self vs non-self)

  • Human Design System and the cardiovascular system, circulation, blood flow and musculoskeletal system

  • Human Design System and the digestive system (anatomy, structure, process, biochemistry / preference of individuality in nutrition: proteins, fats, sugars in the body graph)

  • The key to the planets (physiological and psychological correlations of each planet to bodily aspects)

  • The amino acids (HDS and genetics / DNA)

  • Self-reflective awareness (anatomy of human emotionality and human thinking and their correlations and interaction)

The following short list of my
special articles in the german journal ‘Zeitgeist’
can show the variety of topics to which the Human Design System provides concrete answers:

  • Issue 4/01 Focus: The Mystery of Birth
    – From trauma to fulfillment
    “Conception and Becoming of Man from the Perspective of the HDS” Incarnation in Stages of Human Body Formation

  • Issue 1/02 Main Topic: Microbes – Epidemics – Infections / Pathogen Thesis Questioned
    “The Cell – from the Perspective of the HDS”.

  • Issue 2/02 Main topic: Positive thinking
    – More appearance than reality?
    “Who is actually realizing whom here?”
    The role of mind, will and self from the HDS point of view.

  • Issue 3/02 Main topic: Emotional terror
    – and how we can deal with it
    “On the Anatomy of Human Emotionality
    Part 1: Open and genetically determined emotional experience”

  • Issue 1/03 Focus: Remote healing under the magnifying glass “On the anatomy of human emotionality
    Part 2: Adventurer – Romantic – Traditionalist”

  • Issue 2/03 Focus: The Hidden Power of Language “The Voice of Man
    First think and then speak – or vice versa?
    The Genetic Matrix of Humans and Speech”

  • Issue 1/04 Main topic: Was our past completely different?
    “Sighted Time – The Human Design System and the World Clock”

  • Issue 2/04 Main topic: Ways out of fear
    “The Process of Dying – From the Perspective of the Human Design System”
    The Process of Decarnation and the Bardo Stages

  • Issue 3/04 Main Topic: Top or Flops – What Success Really Means
    “Talent, Creativity and Innovation
    from the perspective of the Human Design System”.

  • Issue 1/05 Main topic: Utopias and visions
    From 1993 to the end of 1999, numerous articles in the German-language and American HDS Newsletter about the Human Design System on health and society.

More than 200 different special articles in an own fortnightly column in the ‘HDS -update’.

These articles have meanwhile been collected in an extensive
4-part book series:

“Streiflichter aus der Praxis – für die Praxis”
(Spotlights from the practice – for the practice)

on the topic ‘Human Design System and Health

Also in German:

  1. Human Design System and Health (Basic Course) The Mechanics of Disease / Therapist / Therapy / Therapeutic Interaction / Medication / Health / Healing / Healing.

  2. The Key to the Planets

4 books in Russian language
from the series Human Design and Health:

  1. HDS and Immune System (Self and Non-Self).
  2. Rave Biology- HDS and digestive system
  3. HDS and Cardiovascular System
  4. The key to the planets

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