Human Design Readings

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Human Design Reading in German and English

“Knowledge is power.
But knowledge about oneself
is self-empowerment.”
Dr. Joe Dispenza

Of all the life forms that exist on this planet, we humans are the only life form that is equipped with self-reflective consciousness, as a tool for personal development.
So because of what inner structure you think the way you think, feel the way you feel, act the way you do, all of that is worth reflecting on. Only through reflection do we grow authentically into our own lives and avoid unconsciously getting stuck in childhood patterns. To do this, we need to know who we really are.

A Human Design Reading is a uniquely differentiated analysis that uses a graphic related to each person’s body to clarify exactly how uniquely they are structured internally.

This involves all three perceptual areas with which each person is endowed:

  • physical,
  • mental,
  • emotional.

A Human Design Reading will clearly show you how their mode of operation is set up and functions in you personally, i.e. how you in each case

  • perceive (filter),
  • process – and on that basis
  • interpret.

In addition, each person is equipped with a very unique energy balance.
The four central aspects of this are:

  • vitality and creative power
  • existential drive
  • willpower (ego)
  • emotional motor

A Human Design Reading gives you precise information,

how each of these ‘power centers’ works in you and which special characteristics it has. Through this detailed knowledge you can design this life free of excessive demands and on the basis of your natural balance of forces, in order to protect yourself and your body from unfavorable consequences in the long term.

You also know that life means making decisions. These can be either

  • self-determined or
  • externally determined (self or not-self) (self vs. non-self).

A Human Design Reading explains to you exactly on which inner basis you can always make a reliable self-determined decision in order to be spared from externally determined results in the shaping of your life.

Every human being is a unique being. If you are open to find out exactly what this uniqueness consists of in you, and how you can create and lead an authentic life on this basis of yourself, then a Human Design Reading will illustrate this to you in detail.