The special analysis of your personal parameters
in terms of nutrition and digestion, as these are physically implanted in you already before birth

PHS Rave Biology Martin Grassinger

“Be good to your body,
that the soul may desire
to dwell in it.”

Theresa von Avila

We live in a world where there are many extreme positions regarding the supposedly ‘right’ way to eat, some of them are very ideological. However, due to the individuality of a person, each body is different and functions differently, so it is beneficial to at least know exactly the innate basics, needs and regularities of one’s own body in terms of nutrition and digestion if the healthy longevity of the body is to be ensured.

The so-called PHS (Personal Health System) does not describe health, but various generalized modalities and framework conditions related to the intake of food, as well as a related preferred sensory perception. It thus provides a solid basis for differentiation.

Therefore this analysis starts to explain the PHS in detail beyond the technical facts, related to the associated physical processes which can be precicely experienced. However, although millions of people have the same general PHS strategy, there is a completely individual digestive system working in every single person, which has its own requirements and modes of operation in comparison. To know exactly how this innate system works is of great advantage, especially when individualizing a diet.

This unique digestive system is illustrated by the personal analysis of the special matrix ‘RAVE BIOLOGY’, which is included in every bodygraph. These are those special parts which reflect the individual aspects related to nutrition and digestion, as they are innate in each person according to their uniqueness and therefore should be taken into account in order to individualize it precisely.

“The nutritional concept of every human being already exists in his body long before birth. The mind is there to understand it,
to follow it and to comply with it.
The body will thank you

Through this special analysis it is possible to name the functioning of the individual digestive system of each person quite precisely. From this it can be seen, among other aspects, whether a person is, for example, a born vegetarian or not, and which basic tendencies in relation to meat, carbohydrates, fats, etc. are inherent in him, which are not only essential for healthy bodily functions but most of all for the adequate supply of the brain and its functions.

If the innate aspects of a person’s unique digestive system are taken into account, a ‘diet’ can also be adjusted accordingly in a coherent way. Then the organism is no longer burdened by incoherent handling, but successfully supported in its individual functioning, as the physical basis of your quality of life.

“Be good to your body,
that the soul may desire
to dwell in it.

Theresa von Avila

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