Special Children Analysis

For a precise understanding of your child’s nature, as well as assistance and clarification in case of problems.

The insights from this special analysis can be seen and used as a personal manual for your child’s body and soul. The detailed analysis of your child’s unique nature provides you, as parents, with precise knowledge that enables you to support and assist your child’s special temperament in all situations of life and protect them from inappropriate demands. By directly recognizing and promoting their unique talents, you strengthen your child’s natural self-confidence and self-esteem, as they wish to develop with their own perspective, objectives, and pace. Then, everything that wants to unfold into its own future can grow appropriately – for their own life to succeed.

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“The role of the environment is not to shape the child, but to allow them to reveal themselves.”
Maria Montessori

Your child will thank you for it!

With the Human Design System, we now have knowledge and experience that allows you, as parents, to precisely capture and understand the unique nature of your child in detail – regardless of their age. A very special being is growing up with your child, unique in its individuality as it has never existed before, because from the copy of genetic material from two parents, an incomparable original has emerged. It thus carries a part of your genetic information within itself, yet is entirely different from you. What this ‘difference’ consists of in detail, you can find out here exactly.

The Human Design System provides you with a detailed insight into the basic structure of your child. This is not dependent on their current age, as the foundation for it – the individual blueprint – is still recorded in their genes.

These talents and predispositions do not change, but you as parents influence them. The respective handling of them thus forms the basis for your child’s personal development, for their maturation and growth. However, a healthy development and unfolding require that what wants and can develop and unfold is precisely recognized and understood. In this sense, the special children’s analysis allows you to be prepared for the special requirements of your child’s development very early on, to support and accompany it appropriately, and to always be able to react adequately in everyday life. Thus, the special characteristics of your child can be very precisely recognized, precisely named, and optimally promoted through this analysis.

Already in the womb, your child’s body was designed according to a unique genetic blueprint. Also, the foundations for the later design of its individual body functions were determined according to this pattern. As a result, your child’s body today is characterized by its own internal processes and metabolic activities. These special processes inside determine the specific functioning of its immune system, nervous system, digestive system, etc.

These established biochemical connections form a reliable basis for your child’s life, allowing them to think, feel, perceive the world, and act in their own unique way. What this involves in detail can be easily illustrated and explained precisely by the special children’s analysis. When the special nature of body and soul is recognized and appreciated, then what wants to unfold into its own future can grow appropriately.

Your child’s genetic predispositions also determine from within the basis for their very own way of feeling comfortable with themselves, being healthy, and efficient. These are not meant to be changed but to be utilized. They are your child’s very personal gifts and talents, given as an always available inner wealth. They are the tools for fulfilling their own destiny and their very personal life themes. Whether it involves a delayed or an early development, all this always depends on the child’s individual nature – not on the wishes and expectations of their environment.

“Children who are loved for what they are,
become adults who love.”

It’s like in nature.

Whether our children are easy-care or exotic plants – the appropriate type of care must always be based on the natural needs of the respective plant and not those of the gardener if the plant is to grow, thrive well, and bloom optimally according to its nature. Therefore, if you, as a gardener, want the best for your child, a children’s analysis can tell you exactly what this involves in each case.

If a person wants to appropriately meet the requirements of their body to then be able to use it successfully throughout life, they must know and fulfill the conditions for this very precisely. Your child cannot yet know these, and it will be more or less difficult for you as parents to always guess or assume them accurately. However, what exactly it is about your child can be precisely depicted and seen with the children’s analysis. You thereby recognize and understand exactly why your child is the way they are and how they differ from other people in detail.

The special children analysis describes in detail the following areas:

Like every person, your child has their own concrete points of inner security, which personally give them the feeling of standing firmly on the ground. What these aspects are and therefore, conversely, how the feeling of losing ground can arise if these parts are not seen and considered, can be precisely named.


The particular structure of your child’s immune system determines from within which handling of their own body is healthy to feel comfortable and cozy with themselves. It therefore gives you exact information about which individual conditions must be met for your child to feel physically well and be healthy – because health is an individual asset.

Since your child has their “own mind,” they naturally also have their own intellect, with which they want to understand and comprehend not only the world around them but also their own inner world. Knowledge of the specific structure of their mental system thus gives you exact information about the special way of thinking your child possesses.

The special functioning of their mind determines your child’s mental perception. Their own way of capturing and processing information forms the basis for their personal learning patterns (auditory/visual/kinesthetic). This knowledge is particularly useful for school matters and provides assistance as it focuses on what is actually present and feasible. Whether, for example, so-called attention deficits really lie with the child and not with external forces can be differentiated here.

The foundations for the right diet for your child can never be as individually listed in books as it is recorded in your child’s personal genes, on which all biochemical metabolic processes of their body individually take place. Every body (and thus every brain!) therefore needs the ‘fuel’ that truly corresponds to it because only this can optimally supply it.

Therefore, there are children whose metabolism is optimally supplied with a vegetarian diet because this type of diet corresponds to their biological nature. Similarly, there are ‘born’ meat-eaters, whose biological nature relies on certain animal proteins to function optimally. For some children, however, an unusual amount of carbohydrates (simple sugars) is natural and necessary as fuel for their body.

Additionally, for some children, the conditions under which they eat are much more significant than what they eat. Fundamentally, the decisive factor here is always the individual requirements that correspond to your child’s body – and not a notion of it.

The right diet for your child – as well as the right circumstances of food intake – especially allow the basic conditions for the development and processing of information in your child’s brain to develop optimally during the brain’s developmental phase.

The particular nature of your child’s natural biological energy balance precisely shows you what ratio of activity and rest is right for your child, so they learn early on how to use their body healthily and effectively throughout life without physically overburdening themselves, as well as to recognize potential external overburdening in time. In the case of potential excessive reaction patterns (e.g., so-called ‘hyperactivity’), precise knowledge of the structure of your child’s biological nature is

a valuable aid in dealing appropriately with the situation.

The special functioning of your child’s emotional system forms the basis for shaping their own social bonds. Here it is precisely seen what can emotionally overwhelm your child and under which special conditions they are capable of dealing with confrontation. This determines the basis on which your child can successfully address and resolve conflicts in their relationships. Likewise, it becomes apparent which special conditions correspond to your child’s nature, where they feel secure and cared for in the company of others.


The Own and the Foreign

From your child’s predispositions, it is also precisely evident how your child can learn to make a truly authentic decision for themselves. This allows them to come into contact early with which parameters are decisive for leading a self-determined life. In contrast, it also becomes clear where the danger of possible external control is wide open for your child.

No child is there to fulfill a role imposed from the outside but to bring to fruition the capacity for a very own role that allows them to shape their personal life from within themselves. The way they see themselves in the process simultaneously pursues an inherent goal of expressing their own attitude towards themselves and life. All these aspects can be precisely recognized and named so that they receive recognition and helpful support.

Likewise, a very own behavioral pattern is inherent in your child, corresponding to their special nature. If they are allowed to correspond to this own inner code and be so, then this automatically solidifies and guarantees their own ability to go through life in harmony and health with themselves.

With the corresponding knowledge of these details, self-determination can be successfully promoted, external determination can be recognized and avoided in advance. Additionally, from your child’s predispositions, it is precisely evident where they tend to infer from themselves to others, or from others to themselves, and thus run the risk of adopting themes that do not correspond to them or for which they are not equipped to cope adequately. False expectations can thus be recognized and avoided in time, sparing your child the feeling of inadequacy – or of not being ‘right’. Instead, the encouragement of their own strengths can take place because these are precisely known.

You benefit from the insights of a children's analysis in several ways:

Life is an interactive interplay and not a one-way street. Not only do adults condition their children, but every parent is also inevitably conditioned by the special nature of their own child. Therefore, by analyzing the unique nature of your child, you can also precisely recognize which new forces are personally determining and influencing you, which have been active in your life since the birth of your child and want to assert themselves in the world.

“Only real knowledge gives both sides
the necessary security.”

Real knowledge about your child is better than any well-intentioned guess – because even what was ‘only well-intended’ can sometimes painfully contradict the true nature of a person. And even if we, as adults, try to make up for what we might have painfully experienced or missed in our own childhood, it does not automatically mean that we are meeting the special needs of a unique child. Every life is unique – a miracle of nature.

The insights from the special children’s analysis can be seen and used as a personal manual for the body and soul. The detailed analysis of the special nature that your child embodies provides you, as parents, with precise knowledge that enables you to support and assist your child’s special temperament in all situations of life. This allows you to easily recognize difficult situations in advance because they do not correspond to your child’s innate nature, and to react, prepare, and assist appropriately.

If your child is well acquainted with their own being through your knowledge and help, then they can also trust their own nature without restriction. The natural consequence of this is a healthy self-esteem and appropriate self-confidence for shaping their own life. Then they can freely follow their own destiny.

Take advantage of the opportunity today that your own parents did not have. Benefit from the scientific findings and experiences available here. Fortunately, parents today can indeed ‘know better’ – and make use of the incomparable advantage of this for their children.

Adults often say after their child’s analysis:

“It’s a pity my parents didn’t know this about me back then. Maybe they would have understood me better and done some things differently. But they probably didn’t know any better.”

Looking back, that’s no longer possible – but looking forward, it is.


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Special Children Analysis

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