The partnership analysis

The themes and energies of two people and their special dynamics.

Whether the ‘chemistry’ between two people is really right is not a matter of intellect and good intentions, but indeed a question of the biochemistry of two organisms. Someone who literally ‘can’t stand the smell’ of another person (a biochemical process) won’t get too close and certainly won’t form a bond with them. And only when the ‘chemistry’ is right in fundamental areas of life can the partnership truly be healthy, beneficial for both, and lasting. A partnership analysis shows you exactly where attraction and repulsion, commonalities and incompatibilities, tolerance, or underlying power struggles are present. Only those who fully understand and appreciate the unique structure and typical mechanisms of their partnership can appropriately handle the diverse experiences in this special connection – for a successful relationship.
(further interaction analyses: mother-child, professional partnership, etc.)

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“It is what it is, says love.”
Erich Fried

The Two-Person Analysis

Like two colors that mix together to form a new, third color, a partnership between two people is always more than just the sum of its two parts.

Every partnership comes about under temporary conditions and continues to exist under constantly changing circumstances. Nevertheless, each partnership has its own solid base, independent of the current climate, providing its own consistency and stability.

The core of every partnership is always based on the biochemistry of the two human beings, not their will. Whether the ‘chemistry’ between two people is really right is not a question of intellect and good intentions, but indeed a question of the biochemistry of two organisms. Someone who literally ‘can’t stand the smell’ of another person won’t get too close and certainly won’t form a bond with them. Only when the ‘chemistry’ fundamentally matches can the partnership truly be healthy and lasting.

On this inner basis, there are always specific points of attraction, commonalities, clear differences, similarities, and contrasts between two people. Knowing these precisely gives each partner the chance to not only understand themselves but also the unique structure of this one-of-a-kind connection. Based on this knowledge of the individual components, it is possible to respect the uniqueness of this connection and appropriately shape the shared life.

A partnership analysis enables both parties to consciously relate to the special energies and themes of their unique constellation. Those who know and understand the structure and mechanisms of their partnership can categorize their diverse experiences in this special connection and handle them appropriately, for a successful relationship.

A Human Design partnership analysis precisely shows you:

  • What ‘type’ of person each individual corresponds to, and how they fit together.

  • Which different life themes and destinies of the individual are effective in this partnership and must be accordingly considered.

  • What other special energies and themes each of the two partners brings into this relationship because they embody them.

  • With which specific themes and energies are the points of mutual attraction connected, which, like magnetism, can also lead to temporary repulsion.

  • What are the crucial, unconscious automatisms in your partnership that are always available and can never be changed.

  • What exactly needs to be accepted because each of the two partners is made the way they are by nature, in their diversity and uniqueness.

  • To what new common pattern does the individual structure of each person’s thinking, feeling, and acting combine.

  • Which special themes are particularly important for each of the two partners to feel completely comfortable in this partnership and to be able to behave and unfold according to their own nature.

  • Which specific themes are new for only one of the two participants.

  • In which themes and energies does one partner naturally have dominance because it corresponds to their personal nature, but not to the other’s.

    What exactly is new for both partners alike.

  • Which special themes and energies are inherently necessary ‘compromises’ in your partnership, as they are fundamentally present in both, but much stronger in one than in the other.

  • Where are specific points that can lead to a possible breakup of the relationship if they are not consciously acknowledged and appropriately respected.

  • Where exactly are there specific points of friction and potential incompatibilities.

  • Where is there a ‘companionship’ and agreement because this theme is inherent in both partners and thus corresponds to the nature of both partners equally.

  • What special external energies and themes is this partnership fundamentally open to.

  • What models of conflict resolution are possible in a crisis based on the existing structure, and how can these be productively utilized.

  • What special strategy for dealing with oneself suits each individual, and what new strategy does this partnership now require in dealing with each other, and is therefore fundamentally important for the success of this relationship.

  • What nature regarding sexuality exists in each individual, and what entirely new structure do these components form in your partnership (Adventurer / Romantic / Traditionalist).

If you have your own or further questions and concerns regarding your partnership, these can of course be given special priority and appropriately considered in an analysis.

“It is what it is,
(Erich Fried)


The motivations for having a partnership analysis created are varied.

Some people are interested in an analysis at the beginning of their partnership to understand and acknowledge the mechanisms of this new relationship for both parties from the start. They do not want to run the risk of misjudging themselves or the other person in this relationship, or of having false expectations. They want to know exactly what special energies and themes this partnership holds for both, and which individual points in particular require mutual respect, appreciation, tolerance, and regard – because they are as they are. Then love can succeed.

Other people decide to seek clarity through an analysis at some point during their partnership because they are stuck, feel resistance, are tired of some suffering, and no longer want to fight but seek a solution. They know: Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them. Therefore, a partnership analysis has great power here. It looks from the outside at the structure and events and always focuses on the potential that is fundamentally present and what can result from it.
This detailed insight into the specific mechanisms of the partnership enables an objective perspective. It helps both parties to understand exactly where their typical conflicts come from, what themes they consist of, what energies and patterns are involved, and how they can be approached and resolved based on the nature of these two special individuals.

Sometimes it also happens that two people only have an analysis of their partnership created after their separation. They want to gain a better understanding of the past afterward, to better categorize this special experience, reflect on it, and process it appropriately. It also helps them to understand the meaning of what they experienced, to be able to explain certain things afterward, and to approach the next relationship more consciously and successfully.

What these couples always say afterward:
“It would have been better if we had come earlier.” And next time, they actually do come earlier.


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The partnership analysis

Depending on the volume of orders, fixed appointments in my practice and my seminar activities, it can take up to four weeks to process and produce the required analysis.

If it is exceptionally urgent (e.g. a gift for a birthday) please let me know.

950,- €uro

  • Differentiated elaboration of the analysis based on the personal bodygraph for each of the two individuals involved.
  • Detailed development of the analysis of the partnership dynamics based on the resulting third, crucial body graph.
  • Summary and result (approx. 90 min) by mp3 file or via Zoom.
  • The preparation and creation can take up to four weeks. You are also welcome to specify a preferred date.
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