Your Special Health Analysis

The special analysis of the themes of your health, shaping your existence both physically and mentally.

An individual health analysis can precisely identify the factors within you that are crucial for your personal well-being. You will learn which signals and symptoms are indicators of disturbances for you and how you can adequately protect and support your body. It can also specify the particular diet that is ‘right’ for your body – a very personal foundation for your health or recovery. After all, health is always an individual asset.

“… the body is the harp of the soul”
Chalil Dschibran

Understanding the Health Concept of Your Body

Very few people are completely happy and content with all aspects of their body’s appearance and dynamics. Most would prefer it to be ‘different’ in some way, as its inherent dynamics can sometimes be a hindrance, especially when the mind has its own ideas about life and how it wants to use the body, even if it’s not really designed for these long-term purposes. As a result, life is often determined by the mind’s concepts, dictating how the body and life should function. This not only slows down or blocks one’s innate abilities but often also leads to their misuse.

This creates resistance to the living forces that want to unfold from within and follow their creative dynamics, ultimately leading to specific disorders, wear and tear, and even diseases. Your health is an individual quality, as what makes others healthy or sick may not automatically apply to you. For you to not only feel healthy but actually be healthy, very personal conditions must be met.

These special conditions follow an inner pattern that underlies the complex bodily processes of your existence. You don’t have to ‘create’ this biological pattern, but should use it for yourself – it is your equipment. It forms the basis for your unique way of thinking, feeling, and acting. It allows you to perceive the world in your own way. For this purpose, you have your various senses like taste, smell, hearing, sight, instinct, intuition, etc., and a unique way of processing all these impressions. To function optimally, your body needs appropriate nutrition, rest, etc., so that it can be long-lasting and effective for your personal well-being.

As long as you allow this dynamic within you to unfold freely and unhindered, according to its own laws, and shape your personal existence, health is a completely natural state. Then you experience yourself without internal resistance or struggle. You simply correspond to yourself. You don’t need to exert extra effort but can shape your life from what is inherent and available within you.

Your existence is inseparably bound to your body: its well-being determines your quality of life. Its performance shapes your life. It is the most valuable thing you possess, as its capabilities are your capital for your health. It works tirelessly for this, even in sleep, providing you with hundreds of thousands of new cells every second.

Even if your mind takes a break during the day and you enjoy the stillness of the soul in idleness, your body ensures that your life happens in its own unique way. You never have to ‘make’ your heartbeat or remember to keep breathing. There is a unique living dynamic within you, which you experience as your personal interplay of body and soul. These special forces want to unfold freely and unhindered according to their nature, providing you with the appropriate foundation for the special design of your personal life.
The particular functioning of your organism is your personal foundation, carrying the fulfillment of your life plan in flesh and blood. Your body not only has its own dynamics but also its own wisdom. Since it knows very well what is really good for it and what is not, it can guide you like a seismograph through a healthy life. This is especially true when the mind cannot (or does not want to) comprehend this, or if it does not align with its own ideas and expectations of life.

All unpleasant signals from the body should always serve as protection against misuse of its own forces and energies, warning you of influences that are not conducive to your special nature.
Your own truth is already inherent within you. You embody it. Therefore, your body always knows from within itself what is truly right for its healthy life without wear and tear and damage. Right for it is everything that allows it to function in its own way without resistance and struggle, ensuring you a long, healthy life.

With today’s long life expectancy, it is fundamentally crucial how much a person has lived in harmony with their bodily needs if they do not want to spend their twilight years dealing with the consequences of a wrong approach to their own body.

Regarding health, there are so many concepts. But which one is right for you? In terms of what is (perhaps or hopefully) healthy, the mind often has its own concept, which it considers correct.

The Concept for Your Health
is not laid out in your mind,
but in your body.
The mind should try
to understand it –
and follow it.

This is especially true for the ‘heart’ of every health issue: Nutrition. Here too, most people follow general concepts, which contradicts the fact that they are unique beings. In most cases, their bodies are forced to struggle with the consequences of a (mental) concept that does not suit them. However, a ‘wrong’ diet can never be the ‘right’ foundation for health, as nutrition, like health, is a purely individual phenomenon.

Therefore, your personal way of eating should always be adapted solely to the needs of your own body. Through the right diet for you, not only your body but especially your brain is optimally supplied. Only then can the absorption and processing of information and the optimal coordination of all life processes run optimally, as your body does not have to constantly struggle with conditions it is not equipped to handle. Only then is it supported in a way that protects its uniqueness, rather than being burdened.

The individually appropriate diet forms not only the basis for the long-term prevention of diseases but is also a necessary prerequisite for returning to the natural healthy state.

Your personal health analysis allows you to fully and precisely understand the unique concept already active within you. Therefore, look not outward, but turn your attention inward, for a fundamental phenomenon of life is:

Energy always follows attention

If your attention regarding your health is directed towards a concept that your own (or another) mind has devised, then your energy will automatically strive to follow this mental concept. However, this can be very harmful to the body in the long term if the mind’s ideas do not really coincide with your own biological nature. The body can then only draw attention to this through disturbances or pain, indicating that the existing biological concept is being severely disrupted.

This is a completely natural process. It is the body’s special way of making the mind understand that the particular needs of its dynamics are not being appreciated and supported, and that it does not biologically agree with the concept that the mind, with its own logic, considers correct. It wants to redirect your attention – and thus your energy – to its own (now disturbed) concept. Although this is also a way to reach the actual goal, it can sometimes be a painful detour.

However, if your attention is initially directed towards the living concept already active in your body, to shape your existence in its own way, then your energy will automatically follow the concept that truly corresponds to you and represents the actual basis for your personal health.
Through your personal health analysis, you will be equipped with the knowledge about yourself that is necessary to precisely name and understand the active processes and mechanisms within you. You will then always know exactly

what to pay attention to for your personal well-being. You can then use all these aspects accordingly and shape your living conditions to your personal advantage.

When the active forces within you are appreciated and no longer ‘disturbed’, they no longer need to draw attention to themselves with corresponding ‘disturbances’ and interfere in the wrong handling of their nature, either sabotaging or regulating. In the long term, this will pay off for you, as your body will not later present you with its bill when it no longer has the strength to continue to cope with a handling of its nature that leads to wear and tear.

It is always your body
that has to bear
your decisions in life.

What is really right, what is wrong? Even regarding the topic of ‘health’, the mind often clings to general concepts because it fears that its own concept, which is already present in the body independently, might be (perhaps) wrong.

Although the mind knows very well that it still does not know everything about life, it constantly tries to control and direct life based on its own or adopted ideas and concepts. However, the mind repeatedly finds that the actual truth can be quite different, and that life takes place independently of whether it knows everything about it and really understands the processes. It is repeatedly shown that the complex processes of life have a clear advantage over the limited capacity of the mind.

So why should the living dynamics already present in the body follow the clearly limited knowledge that the mind has in this regard? Wouldn’t it be more logical for the mind to follow life and try to understand it in its special uniqueness and thereby expand its previous horizon?
Your personal health analysis deciphers the interplay of the active forces within you. You thus gain detailed insight into the biological dynamics that form the basis of your personal health.

When you understand exactly how your body functions and how to interpret and use its various signals, you will always be able to give these active living facts your targeted attention and heed them, because you have recognized their special meaning and benefit. You will thus be protected from unwittingly adapting to or even subordinating yourself to a general concept. Instead, you will be able to recognize and distinguish at any time what is really beneficial or harmful to your own nature in the long term.

With a personal health analysis, you gain certainty about what is truly right for you and what is not, because your very personal health care and prevention should do your body good, not satisfy a contrived concept.

What the mind considers important
does not have to have the same significance
for the body.

In your body, there is already an active, living concept that needs to be recognized, respected, optimally supported, and protected. Your biological dynamics have their own structure regarding energy balance and work effort, adequate rest and sleep mode, physical activity or not, balanced nutrition and effective metabolism, suitable health care and prevention, etc.

Fundamentally, a personal health analysis also always focuses on the particular theme and specific symptoms that define and move you personally. It is oriented towards your personal questions. Only in this way can your individual condition and the resulting requirements be met.

Being healthy, like being sick, is an individual event. Personal fate and individual concerns can never be generalized, and therefore cannot be listed here.

The personal key
to your own health
lies within yourself.
It cannot be found outside of you.

A health analysis is capable of precisely deciphering the inner factors active within you that are of long-term importance for your very personal health.
Your biological facts are your reliable personal compass through the jungle of general suggestions.

With a personal health analysis, it is also possible to understand the spiritual dimension of a disease and thus recognize and comprehend its meaning in the context of one’s own life. The issue is then not condemned, pushed away, or even marginalized. All parts can be integrated through compassionate understanding and more precise knowledge. Since healthy being is always tied to completeness, this transforms the often-present feeling of being a victim of a particular symptom or disease. It frees the healing forces that were previously bound to the paralyzing feeling of helplessness or inevitability and makes transformation possible.

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The Special Health Analysis

Depending on the volume of orders, fixed appointments in my practice and my seminar activities, it can take up to four weeks to process and produce the required analysis.

If it is exceptionally urgent (e.g. a gift for a birthday) please let me know.

950,- €uro

  • Differentiated elaboration of the analysis based on:
    – Your personal body graph
    – special extended body graphs
    – Your information regarding your
       personal health issues
    – including PHS and Rave Biology
  • Summary and result (approx. 80 min) by mp3 file or via Zoom.
  • The preparation and creation can take up to four weeks. You are also welcome to specify a preferred date.
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