Analysis work, profession and finances

The special analysis for your talents and energies that you can bring to your professional life.

Each person can only sustainably contribute what they truly have within themselves. Therefore, your personal analysis of ‚Work, Profession & Finances‘ will show you exactly what is literally ‚inside you‘, what your talents are meant for, and what it means for you personally to be active in a healthy, fulfilling, and successful way over the long term. With the ever-increasing lifespan and working years, this is certainly a very central issue, especially when it comes to authentic life design. After all, the energies within you should be appropriately utilized, allowed to unfold, and help shape both your own life and the world. This is about your very personal predispositions and individual qualities, as anything else leads to frustration and underlying resentment in the long run. However, if you exercise and shape your working life according to those special talents and creative powers that you naturally embody, then you are always investing your very personal capital in the working world and can thus draw your very personal profit from it.

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„Work is visible love.“
Chalil Dschibran

Work is always a physical effort

Regardless of the profession you practice or wish to practice: work is always a physical effort – whether you are thinking, lifting boxes, conducting conversations, or operating a keyboard.

Whether you use your head or your hands – you can only contribute what you have.

Your performance at work thus initially depends on the abilities you naturally possess:
Your mind, your feelings, your intuition, your instinct, your ‚good nose‘, your ability to handle certain things particularly well, your way of taking action, your social qualities, your dedication, your motivation, etc.

Under optimal conditions, this creates a profitable cycle:
You invest the most valuable capital you have – your special physical abilities – and earn your living with it, which in turn nourishes the performance of your aforementioned physical abilities, allowing you to profitably offer them to the world again.

When you perform your job according to your personal talents and creative power, it is not ‚work‘ in the conventional sense. You are simply that person in action who you really are. You can then be active in harmony with yourself, which always brings fulfillment.

Many people consider this a utopia. For them, work is necessarily always associated with effort that must be specially exerted, and without real deep fulfillment, as if these were inevitable side effects that must be literally ‚accepted‘, hoping that it will also ‚pay off‘.

They follow a concept of the mind in choosing their profession, according to which the physical effort must then be directed, even if it is neither equipped nor intended for this activity. When the body has to correspond to a mental concept that does not match its own nature, it cannot really give what it has.

A person who works under these conditions cannot let their own forces flow freely but is forced to repeatedly exert additional effort to achieve something for which they are not made. Further effort is needed to suppress their actual needs for development.

The quality of working life is accordingly, and the person goes to work more reluctantly than willingly, because they feel precisely: This is not a profitable investment of their own biological capital of talent and creative power, even if the bank balance somewhat compensates.

„Work is
visible love.“
(Khalil Gibran / „The Prophet“)

However, when a person professionally does what they love to do, they can bring the most valuable energy into the working world that exists: their natural talent and creative power, as well as their love for this work, because they enjoy doing it. The motivation for this does not need to be created, as it is already present.

The strength does not need to be mustered, as the forces within are allowed and meant to flow. A person can then fully commit and thoroughly enjoy the yield and fulfillment. They feel precisely: This is an extremely profitable investment of their own biological capital of talent and creative power.

However, this requires precise knowledge of one’s own physical ‚capital‘, one’s innate abilities and strengths that can be invested. Furthermore, it requires trust that these personal skills, which a person embodies, are also capable of forming the basis for their own livelihood.

Through a personal analysis on the topic of ‚work, profession, and money‘, you will learn how your mind naturally works, what personal physical energy resources you have, and which special energies and abilities you are equipped with that need to be profitably invested in professional life to capitalize on them for your own life.

It also shows where and how the talents within you can be integrated into the working world. However, this also depends on whether you work or want to work alone and independently, in a small company (group), or in a larger enterprise, as the abilities of an individual naturally need to be contributed differently in groups of varying sizes.

Therefore, it is also possible to create tailored group analyses and specific targeted interaction analyses at the level of professional collaboration. Whether the ‚chemistry‘ in a group fundamentally works is always dependent on the personal structure of each member and the size of the group. These crucial factors, in turn, determine the group’s success, including its economic success.

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Analysis work, profession and finances

Depending on the volume of orders, fixed appointments in my practice and my seminar activities, it can take up to four weeks to process and produce the required analysis.

If it is exceptionally urgent (e.g. a gift for a birthday) please let me know.

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  • Differentiated elaboration of the analysis based on your personal bodygraph.
  • Summary and result (approx. 60 min) by mp3 file or via Zoom.
  • The preparation and creation can take up to four weeks. You are also welcome to specify a preferred date.
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