The mystical profile - tracing your own depth

You are not just a person who might have a spiritual experience; you are a part of the universal consciousness in a very unique, specifically human form of expression.

As such, you have a special personal destiny for this life and follow your own individual (mystical) path towards personal self-discovery. You also possess your own natural connection to the so-called ‘spiritual world’ – provided that you are true to yourself. Moreover, you have an inherent way of seeing the world, which automatically makes your life themes literally ‘catch your eye’. There is also a central theme of motivation for this life within you, from which you can easily be distracted – with corresponding consequences. Even in sleep, you are uniquely connected to the universal consciousness, thereby having your very own access to certain themes that then subtly influence the shaping of your daily life unnoticed. All these spiritual aspects of your earthly existence can be precisely named with this analysis.

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“I have found my soul, walking on its path”
Chalil Dschibran


Spirituality and incarnation

You are not just a person who might, with some luck, have a conscious spiritual experience; rather, it’s the other way around: You are a spiritual being having a specifically human experience.

This special experience is possible for you because a single aspect of the universal cosmic consciousness expresses and experiences itself through your human body, thereby creating your ‘I’ consciousness for the duration of this life.

This fact does not depend on whether you are actually aware of the contents, contexts, and circumstances in all their details. However, it is possible to be fully aware of this and to know all aspects of your own mystical path of this incarnation, your own destiny, and the associated personal life themes, etc., precisely – and thus to consciously experience your spiritual components and foundations.

The universal cosmic consciousness finds expression on our planet in various life forms – in all plants, animals, humans. In this fascinating game of life, therefore, every single blade of grass is an absolutely unique part of the whole, as is every insect and every individual human. Thus, you too are a unique part of the universal consciousness, which experiences itself in a very special way, specifically in a human form of expression, compared to all other life forms.

Based on the special equipment of your body with its specifically human sensory capabilities, you, as a unique living being, experience your own spiritual existence, which includes very special themes and circumstances for you personally.

As such,

  • you embody a very own personal destiny,

  • follow your very individual mystical path to your own self-discovery and self-love,

  • have a very own way of viewing the world, through which your personal life themes inevitably ‘catch your eye’ on your life’s journey,

  • possess a very own and natural connection to the so-called ‘spiritual world’,

  • have a specific openness to cosmic themes and energies in sleep, which influence the shaping of the day’s events in a special way, and

  • have your very own motivation on the conscious worldly level.

These aspects will be described in more detail below.

Every person is unique. You are too. Your uniqueness can be precisely recognized, named, and understood down to your biochemical components and processes (see ‘Personal Design Analysis’). This uniqueness includes your very own personal destiny. This is based on equally concrete biochemical processes in your body, which take place in your metabolism to ensure the physical experience of all the themes that belong to your personal destiny. Thus, you – like every other human – inherently carry the prerequisite for fulfilling your own destiny within yourself. All these components can be clearly and distinctly named with this analysis.

These are the themes of your current incarnation. And because you embody everything necessary for it, this is not a mental – but a very concrete, vital concept. Therefore, you do not need to search for or ‘make’ this concept of your incarnation outside of yourself. It is already present within you and wishes to unfold according to its innate properties. It consists of a total of four parts, one of which forms the main theme. This, in turn, is assigned to a specific overarching theme of all human incarnations.

This allows you to precisely understand how you, as an incomparable individual, are embedded in the whole. All these aspects active within you want to shape your life from within yourself. This makes your destiny directly physically tangible for you, and you consciously experience from your own body how your destiny for this life naturally fulfills itself completely.

Every person is born into a special interpersonal community. Thus, they start as a dependent group being, even though they are an individual with incomparable uniqueness. Therefore, both interpersonal and individual components form the shaping aspects of every life path from the beginning.

Just a few hundred years ago, due to the generally short lifespan, it was necessary to take and fill the place assigned by the community. There was literally neither time nor support for more. Making one’s own steps independent of the community, and thus primarily following the inner laws of one’s individuality, was not possible for most people in the past. However, evolution has moved forward.

With the onset of industrialization, a significantly longer lifespan was genetically installed in us humans. This makes it possible for us today to step out of the initially shaping community and give appropriate time and space to individual life design.

This so-called ‘mystical path to oneself,’ which was previously possible for only a few individuals, is now open to each of us.

Which components of the interpersonal and purely individualistic path of being human play a fundamental role on your own journey through this life, and thus have shaped and will continue to shape your own mystical path, can also be precisely named with this analysis.

Your life path seemingly holds very special themes for you. However, it is not your path that does this, but your very own way of viewing the world, which automatically brings certain aspects of life to your attention, thus creating the theme of your own path for you personally. This happens from within – not from the outside! And they are your themes only because you personally see the world that way.

Due to this special predisposition, your eyes ‘pick’ exactly those special themes and aspects from the world’s vast offerings that you personally need to consider and experience: Your way of viewing leads you on your path.

In this regard, the themes also change over the course of your life, as their complementary and supplementary aspects do not come into play simultaneously but successively. This results in very concrete, consecutive life stages, to which also belong certain people, places, and the corresponding circumstances.

When this is the case for you, what aspects (according to your very personal viewpoint) constitute the themes of your own life path, and whether there is possibly a ‘break’ or the transition is more gradual – this too can be very precisely discovered with this analysis.

We are spiritual beings having a very special human experience through a unique human body: consciousness in human form. However, it is not intended or even planned that during this lifespan we have no contact or connection to that immaterial part of the universe we refer to as the ‘spiritual’ world. Every person has such a natural point of contact. Its clean functioning, however, requires equally clean, i.e., smooth physical processes.

For how can the music of the broadcaster (Universe) sound clear and distinct if the receiver (body) is not allowed to function as intended because it is mostly controlled, manipulated, and misused in some way?

And then, humans seek spiritual contact with angels, spirits, gods, beings, Buddhas, extraterrestrials, etc., without knowing which of them truly corresponds to them.

However, if one’s own organism is forced to tune into something to which it has no natural access, then this very natural contact with the subtle plane cannot take place and be experienced. It then remains a purely mental experience, and the actual spiritual experience of one’s own connection as a physical experience is missed. Not only in mundane everyday life – here too, external determination can occur. Through this part of the analysis, you can precisely learn which level of the subtle world personally corresponds to you.

The universal cosmic consciousness makes no distinction between day and night – it knows no sleep. Bound to your human body, however, you experience it differently: You experience a specific daytime consciousness and a very special, because ‘reduced’ compared to it, nighttime consciousness.

The universal cosmic consciousness is, however, demonstrably always fully in action: While on one side of the planet everything temporarily sleeps, it keeps life going on the other side in full swing.

You are always ‘online’ – without interruption. Your daytime consciousness in the waking state is just a different state than your nighttime consciousness during sleep. The possibility of subjective interpretation and processing of universal processes and themes is limited by the reduced activity of your body and brain during sleep. However, this is the prerequisite for being open and receptive to universal aspects without the ‘ego’ consciousness of the waking state. Spiritually speaking, therefore, the ‘main work’ takes place in sleep. – ‘The Lord gives to His own in sleep.’

In sleep, you too are uniquely connected to the universal consciousness and have your very own, impersonal access to universal themes and energies. Through this analysis, you will also precisely learn how your organism filters out specific themes from the impersonal cosmic field of consciousness in deep sleep, and how these can also unconsciously shape the design of your everyday life.

Human life is an interplay of body and soul, thus unfolding from two absolutely different realms. The bodily part consists of autonomous bodily processes, leading their own existence with all their unconscious biochemical automatisms.

The other part is of a conscious nature: It is your I-identity, i.e., all those soul components that, in addition to the body’s own dynamics, also wish to express and experience themselves through this body. It is only with these aspects – and not with the bodily automatisms – that a person identifies.

Since the dynamics of your bodily processes occur based on its special internal laws, your body also has its own, absolutely immutable drive. You don’t have to do anything for it, but you can’t change it either.

However, your motivation at the level of the I-identity and its corresponding physical expression is of a more flexible nature and can therefore easily be ‘misdirected’ due to distractions. Life then unfolds accordingly.

Nonetheless, your I-identity – despite all flexibility on the conscious level – possesses its own, very concrete motivation, distinct from the purely bodily drive. Once this is recognized and understood, it can always be utilized as one’s own, conscious inner motivation of the soul – independent of all other enticing offers of the world and the seductions of your mind. Also, in this important matter of actual personal motivation, you can always recognize potential external control and thus successfully avoid it.

All the aspects of your spiritual existence listed here in detail can be precisely named with this special analysis of your mystical profile.

… and do not say:
“I have found the path of my soul.”
Rather say:
“I have found my soul – walking on its path.”
For the soul unfolds like a lotus flower with countless petals.”
(Khalil Gibran / “The Prophet”)



The analysis of the aspects of your incarnation listed here is only truly meaningful if you are also familiar with the contents of your very personal Design Analysis.

Because if you do not know in detail how you really ‘function’ and how you can always be true to yourself in all life situations, then the information from this special analysis, although very interesting, has only a limited possibility of implementation.

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